Faversham, Kent.

St Mary of Charity.

United Kingdom

The PCC of this church has placed an order for a major restoration and augmentation of their 17 cwt eight. The bells will be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough for conservation work, including specialist bronze strengthening welding to their crowns and soundbows. The bells will be tuned to match the 1930 Gillett & Johnston 6th bell. Two new treble bells will be cast to augment the ring to ten. All new fittings will be manufactured for the ten bells.

The 1797 oak bell frame will be strengthened and an upper tier two bell frame extension will be manufactured and fitted into the fabric of the tower to house bells 3 & 4 of the ten. All new galvanised steel access ladders and walkways will be manufactured and fitted to provide safe access to the bells, roof and clock dials.


  • The bells have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough.
    The manufacturing of the extension bell frame has been completed - galvanising next.
    The moulds for the new trebles are being prepared.
    The bells have been cleaned by gentle sandblasting and are in the tuning shop.
    The new trebles have been cast and await fettling.
    The new headstocks are being moulded and cast.
    The new bell wheels have been manufactured.
    Tuning has been completed.
    All the headstocks have been cast/fettled and the gudgeons have been fitted..

  • The bell frame has been installed and the bells are being rehung.