Frome St Quintin, Dorset

St Mary's Parish Church

United Kingdom

The two bells from this church have been taken down and are at Loughborough. Conservation work will be carried out to the bells, including the removal of their cast-in iron crown staples. New timber seating pads will be manufactured, carved to the shape of the bells’ canons. New iron strapwork and internal trigger action clappers will be manufactured, and the bells will be rehung for chiming on the existing steelwork. New chiming bell ropes will be provided to complete the work.


  • The bells have been removed and are at Loughborough.

  • This church's two bells were brought back to Loughborough for conservation work, including the drilling out of their cast-in iron crown staples. New hardwood seating pads, carved to accommodate the bells' canons, were manufactured, together with new trigger action clappers, strapwork and bell ropes. The bells were then rehung on the existing steel beams.