Geraldton, Western Australia

The Cathedral of St Francis Xavier


An automatic carillion of twenty seven bells is to be installed at this cathedral, with bells being installed in both western towers. The 24 cwt eight from Godalming has been purchased and will be tuned down to form the lower tones and semi-tones, and nineteen new bells will be cast to complete the carillon. Electro-magnetic hammers will sound the bells, activated by a programmable Apollo Unit. Three of the largest bells (bells 1, 3 & 5) will be also hung for slow swinging to complete the project.

Taylor’s engineers will hang all the bells and commission the entire installation.


  • Work casting, fettling and tuning this new carillon has been completed and the bells have been dispatched. The casting of the arched headstocks for the swinging bells has been completed and these have been fitted with gudgeons and bearings.
    This carillon of bells is on the high seas at present - hanging in Australia will be carried out by others.
    All the bells arrived safely and our bell hangers completed the hanging of the bells and the commissioning of the entire installation.