Greatham, Hartlepool, County Durham.

St John the Baptist Parish Church

United Kingdom

This church houses a Westminster clock chime of four bells (largest 5 cwts) that were cast by Taylor’s in 1931. A local contractor supplied and installed a steel bell frame constructed of universal beams in recent decades which was undersized and was fitted by iron fixings into unstable stonework which has burst through rusting expansion. This has subsequently been condemned as inadequate.

The P.C.C. has placed an order for the removal of the bells and frame and for the construction and fitting of a new galvanised steel frame. The bells will be cleaned by gentle sand blasting and the clock hammers and Ellacombe hammers will be restored. New bell bolts and straps will be manufactured before the bells are returned and rehung.

Rehanging Photos: Peter Thompson.


  • The bells and fittings have been dismantled and brought back to Loughborough.
    The bells have been cleaned by gentle sand blasting.
    Bells hung - work completed.