Guildford, Surrey

St Mary's Parish Church

United Kingdom

This church houses an anti clockwise 15 cwt ring of six that originate from the Whitechapel Foundry of Lester & Pack and date from 1754. The bells were last rehung in 1951. The PCC of this church has now placed an order for strengthening work to be carried out on the ancient oak bell frame which dates from 1699. New galvanised steel girders, attached to a new concrete ring beam, will be fitted under the frame to strengthen the sub structure and corner cleats will be fitted to increase its rigidity.

The installation of the concrete ring beam necessitates the removal of the ringing chamber ceiling, and so a new ceiling will be installed to complete the building work.

The clappers, crown staples, rope roller boxes and sliders will be restored at Loughborough, and the bells will be lifted from their pits and their bearings will be inspected and cleaned/replaced as necessary.


  • This project is underway and nears completion.