Hagley, Worcestershire.

The Parish Church of St John the Baptist.

United Kingdom

This church houses a 7 cwt ring of eight that were cast by Mears & Stainbank in 1885. A major restoration was carried out by Taylor’s in 1993 when the bells were conserved, tuned, and rehung in a new bell frame and with all new fittings. At that time the use of spheroidal graphite clappers was relatively new technology – traditional wrought iron clappers being no longer available. As a result, the clappers tended to be too bulky for fear of breakage, and this caused the clappers to lay on the bells after striking, killing the tone.

All eight clappers and their crown staples will be returned to Loughborough for re-profiling, and for the complete restoration of their bushes, joint pins and crown staples before being returned to the bells.


  • Work is underway on this restoration.
    The clappers have been re-profiled and the crown staples restored.
    Work in the tower is underway.