Hambledon, Hampshire.

The Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul.

United Kingdom

This 10 cwt ring of six has been out of action following an accident when one of the gudgeons of the 2nd bell sheared and the bell was cracked as a result. The bells were last rehung by The Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1978, and so the fittings are generally in good order.

The second bell will be repaired by specialist bronze welding to its crown, and the headstocks of all six bells will have new gudgeons fitted by forge welding. New bearings will be supplied and fitted before the bells are rehung.


  • Our bell hangers have lowered the bells into their pits and removed all the fittings. The headstocks and the second bell are now at Loughborough.
    New gudgeons have been fitted to the headstocks.
    This bell has been repaired and is now back at Loughborough.
    Work completed.