Hawton, Nottinghamshire

All Saints' Parish Church

United Kingdom

A major restoration and augmentation project is to take place at this unringable 9 cwt four. The project has been conceived by the local Guild who will work with Taylors to bring about its completion.The present treble bell will be retired from the ring and will be hung as a service bell, and the existing back three will be used as bells 5, 6, & 7 of an octave. A “new” tenor bell has been donated by the Keltek Trust – a 14 cwt Taylor 1882 bell, formerly at Bishopwearmouth. Two bells, ex-Cheltenham, will become the treble and 4th of the new eight, and two new bells will be cast to complete the ring. All eight bells will be tuned, and new ringing fittings will be manufactured. Local ringers will prefabricate a steel bell frame for ten bells to Taylor’s design, and this will be galvanised before installation.


  • The original ring of four have been delivered to us, and the new bells have been cast, tuned and fettled. Conservation work on the old bells will now be undertaken, and new fittings manufactured for them. The old bells have been cleaned by gentle sand blasting.

    The cast-in iron crown staples have been removed and all the bells have been tuned. The new bell wheels have been manufactured.

    The new headstocks have been cast and gudgeons have been fitted. Seating pads have been cast on the bells' crowns and all headstocks have now been fitted to their bells.
    Installation in the tower is underway.