Hedenham, Norfolk.

St Peter's Parish Church

United Kingdom

The 7 cwt ring of six bells in this tower is the work of Thomas II Mears and dates fropm 1838.  The bells are to be removed to Loughborough for conservation, cleaning and tuning. New cast iron ringing headstocks will be manufactured and fitted before the bells are rehung in their existing 1838 bell frame which is too weak to contain the bells being rung in full circle. A new programmable chiming system will be installed with electro-magnetic hammers being fitted to each of the bells. This is intended as a first stage project with the bells being rehung for full circle ringing once a new bell frame can be afforded.


  • The bells have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough.
    Conservation work has been completed.
    The canons have been removed and new seating pads cast on to the crowns of the bells.
    The bells are now in the tuning shop.
    The bells have been rehung in the tower - completing Stage 1 of this restoration.