Hertford, Hertfordshire.

All Saints' Parish Church

United Kingdom

Major maintenance and restoration work will be carried out on this 25cwt ring of ten. The complete installation is the work of Mears & Stainbank and dates from 1907. The work will include complete refurbishment to the clappers, crown staples, rope roller boxes, and bell wheels. The headstocks of the back four bells will be brought back to Loughborough for the replacement of their gudgeons and bearings, and the front six bells will be lifted in their pits and their bearings will be cleaned/replaced as necessary. New wooden shafted clappers will be manufactured for the two largest bells and new sliders provided for all the bells.


  • This project is underway - the fittings have been stripped out.
    New plate gudgeons and bearings have been fitted to the back bell headstocks.