The Royal Navy - HMS Queen Elizabeth

United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Taylor’s has been commissioned to cast a 19″ diameter traditional ship’s bell with canons for the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth. Richard Cole-Mackintosh of The Shipwrights’ Company has written the following:-

The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, a City of London Livery Company with its origins in the Fourteenth Century is extremely proud to be affiliated to HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH. The Shipwrights’ Company has enjoyed a long and close relationship with the Royal Navy and has previously been affiliated to HMS ARK ROYAL and, more recently, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS. It is, therefore, a source of immense pride to the members of The Shipwrights’ Company that they are now affiliated to the Nation’s new flagship.

In recognition of this fact the Shipwrights’ have commissioned a new bell for the ship which will  be cast by John Taylor and Co in their foundry in Loughborough. The bell, which will be loaned by the Shipwrights’ Company to the ship for the duration of her commissioned service will be a  capital ship’s bell of 19″ in diameter and it will have canons cast upon its head. There will be a decorative rope band comprising alternating Ships’ and Shipwrights’ badges around the upper section of the bell and the waist will be engraved and resin blackened with the name of the ship and her year of commissioning, 2017.

The Shipwrights’ Company hope to join members of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH’S company for the pour at Taylor’s and the finished bell will be presented to the Ship with due ceremony in due course. Details about the Shipwrights’ Company, including its charitable work, can be found at:”


  • The artwork for this bell has been completed.
    The moulding of the bell case is underway.
    This bell was cast on Tuesday 16th June.
    The bell has been fettled and now will go for specialist polishing.
    An inscription will be inscribed on the bell's waist by a specialist.
    The bell has been highly polished and will be delivered to the ship in the coming days.