Horbury, West Yorkshire

S.S. Peter & Leonard Parish Church

United Kingdom

An order has been placed to remove the 11 cwt ring of eight, its frame and fittings from the tower and bring it to Loughborough. This ring of bells is the work of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and dates from 1792 & 1899. The Keltek Trust has donated a 1916 Taylor bell (ex Low Harrogate) and this will become the 6th of a new ring of eight – tenor 11 cwts. The remaining seven bells will be cast from the existing ring, and all new ringing fittings will be manufactured for these. The existing cast iron frame sides will be sand blasted and restored, and will be reused when the new cast iron and galvanised steel bell frame is constructed.


  • Work to remove the old peal of bells, its fittings and bell frame has been completed and the bells are now at Loughborough. All of the new bells have now been cast. Fettling has been completed and the new headstocks have been manufactured. Tuning of the new ring has been completed. The cast iron frame sides that are to be re-used have been cleaned by sandblasting and have been undercoated. The new bell wheels have been manufactured. Special cast iron bearing housings have been manufactured to fit the existing narrow frame bed plates.
    This ring of bells has been dispatched and hanging at Horbury has been completed and the bells test rung.