Ibstock, Leicestershire

St Deny's Parish Church

United Kingdom

A major restoration of this 10 cwt ring of six will be undertaken. The installation will be dismantled and brought back to the Foundry where the cast iron and steel bell frame will be rebuilt on a new galvanised steel grillage. The 20th century Taylor bell fittings will be overhauled before being rehung in the reconstructed bell frame.


  • Bells, frame and fittings now at Loughborough. Proposed installation in the tower begins February 2018.

  • The last major restoration to this ring of six was carried out by Taylor's in 1905, when all new fittings and a new treble bell and a cast iron and steel bell frame was supplied. The base grillage had been allowed to deteriorate and so the entire installation was removed from the tower and brought to the Foundry. The cast iron "H" cast iron frame sides and the headstocks were cleaned by sandblasting and then the bell frame was rebuilt on a new galvanised steel grillage. The headstocks were fitted with new gudgeons and bearings, and the bell wheels re-soled and re-shrouded. All the other fittings were restored or replaced before the installation was reinstated in the tower.