Ireby, Cumbria.

St James' Parish Church.

United Kingdom

The single bell at this church hangs in a west end bell cote. The bell is damaged and of poor tone and the PCC have decided that it should be recast and rehung on new fittings for swing chiming. A new 24″ diameter bell, weighing 3 cwts will be cast in the coming months. The old bell and fittings will be removed by Ron East and will be delivered to Loughborough, and Ron will rehang the new bell to complete the job.


  • The bell from this church was recast on 12th December.
    The new bell has been fettled and is in the tuning shop.
    Tuning has been completed and the bell has been polished.
    The new cast iron headstock has been manufactured and fitted to the bell.
    All is ready for dispatch and hanging locally.