Kemberton, Shropshire.

St Andrew's Parish Church

United Kingdom

A major restoration and augmentation scheme is planned for this church. The present ring of four by four different founders, tenor 6 cwts, dates between 1596 & 1671. The 1596 third by Henry Oldfield will be replaced by a Keltek bell, and all the bells will be conserved and tuned. A new bell frame with a grillage designed for 8 bells will be manufactured and installed lower in the tower to house 6 bells in the first instance. A new second bell to augment the ring will be cast in the first phase of the project, and The Keltek Trust will supply a treble bell from stock. All new ringing fittings will be manufactured for the bells and the retired 1596 bell will be rehung in the old bell frame for chiming. The ringing chamber will be moved to the ground floor and a new circular rope guide will be manufactured and installed.

N.B. The bell frame has now been built to accommodate all eight bells. The bells to create the ring of six have been ordered, cast and tuned. The order for the trebles of eight is, we understand, to follow in January.


  • The new bell frame is under construction.
    The bells have been removed and are at Loughborough.
    New cast iron headstocks are being manufactured.
    The bell frame is now complete and will be sent away for galvanising shortly.
    The cast-in iron crown staples have been drilled out.
    New seating pads have been cast on the bell heads.
    The bells are being tuned.
    The bell frame has been dismantled and sent away for galvanising.
    The old third bell has been conserved, fitted with chiming fittings and rehung in the old bell frame.
    The hanging of the ring of six nears completion in time for Christmas.
    The new bell frame has been installed and the bells are being hung.
    The new treble bell has been cast and tuned - it awaits fettling.
    The bell frame is being installed and hanging will follow this so the bells will ring out for Christmas.
    Work hanging the retired service bell and installing the new bell frame in the tower is now underway.
    Installation begins shortly.

  • Geoff Harding has sent photos of the hanging of the back six bells in the new bell frame - our thanks to him.