Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall.

The Parish Church of St Julitta.

United Kingdom

This church houses a 10 cwt ring of six, four of which are the work of John III & Christopher IV Pennington and date from 1783, with two late 19th century Warner bells completing the ring. The bells and their fittings are to be removed from the tower to Loughborough for conservation work and re-tuning. New ringing fittings will be manufactured for all the bells, and new rope guides will also be designed and manufactured before the bells are rehung in their existing bell frame. Once rehung a teaching simulator and practice dumb bell will be supplied and installed for teaching on all six bells.


  • These bells have been removed and were transported to Loughborough by the local ringers.
    Canons have been removed ready for new seating pads to be cast on the bell heads.
    The bell wheels are being restored.
    Cast-in iron crown staples have been removed.
    The dumbbell has been manufactured.
    Seating pads have been cast on the bells' heads.
    Tuning has begun.
    The new cast iron headstocks have been completed.
    The dumb bell is being manufactured.
    Installation is underway.
    All is ready for dispatch and re-hanging starts shortly.
    All is ready for dispatch and rehanging.
    Rehanging nears completion - hopefully in time for Christmas.