Little Munden, Hertfordshire.

All Saints' Parish Church.

United Kingdom

The 11 cwt ring of six at this church is the work of various founders dating between 1456 & 1885. The parish has now placed and order for a major restoration and general overhaul and restoration of the modern Taylor bell fittings to be carried out. The bells will be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. A new single tier bell frame will be manufactured from steel, and once complete this will be hot dipped galvanised to give long-life protection from rust. The bells, bell frame and restored fittings will then be returned to Little Munden and reinstated for full circle ringing.


  • This project is underway.
    The bell frame nears completion.
    Work is underway to remove the bells from the tower.
    The bells have been conserved and cleaned by sand blasting.
    Cast iron headstocks are being fitted.
    The bell frame has been galvanised and is being installed in the tower.