London, Trinity House.

Buoy Bells.

United Kingdom

With modern technology available it is pleasing to note that bells are still in use around our coastline in buoys that warn ships of danger. We are pleased to announce that Trinity House has placed a further order to cast five new buoy bells. Each of the new bells will have a diameter of 1′ 10″ and will weigh approximately two and a half cwts. The bells will be cast in the early months of 2020.


  • The first of the moulds for these bells is under construction.
    Two of the new bells were cast on 30th January 2020.
    The moulding of the remaining bells is underway.
    Two further bells have been cast and fettled.
    Tuning is underway.
    All five bells have now been cast and fettled.
    All is ready for dispatch.