Loughborough, Leicestershire

Taylor's Bell Foundry Carillon Tower

United Kingdom

In 1904 Taylor’s produced the world’s first carillon ever to be harmonically tuned to equal temperament, and a carillon tower was built to house it as part of the Foundry buildings. This tower should not be confused with the campanile tower that houses the ring of twelve bells. Eventually the Foundry carillon was expanded to encompass four chromatic octaves of bells (49) and carillonneurs from all over the world came to play it. Sadly, in times of hardship all of the bells from this carillon were either used for their metal or sold individually until none remained.┬áThe Board of Taylor’s has decided that a new carillon should be installed to replace the original, and already 27 bells have been cast towards this. Work proceeds as time and money allows, and although progress is slow, headway is being made.


  • No further progress can be made until the restoration of the tower itself has been completed, and this is a small part of the overall restoration plan for the Foundry. As a part of our successful Heritage bid Taylor's have agreed to reinstate the carillon, but we could still be a few years away from completion.