Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire

St Peter's Parish Church

United Kingdom

This 10 cwt ring of six is the work of Robert II Wells, and dates from 1789. The PCC has placed and order for a major restoration and rehanging to be carried. The bells, bell fittings and bell frame will be removed from the tower and will be transported to Loughborough. The bells will be conserved and tuned, and mainly new ringing fittings will be manufactured for them. A new bell frame constructed from galvanised steel will be designed and manufactured. The restored bells and frame will be installed in the tower to complete the project. This project has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


  • The new fabricated steel bell frame nears completion and will be sent away for galvanising shortly. The bells are being tuned at present. The bell wheels have been completely restored and new soling and shrouding has been fitted.