Norton Bavant, Wiltshire.

All Saints' Parish Church.

United Kingdom

The ancient unringable 10 cwt ring of five that hang in Norton Bavant Tower is the work of four different founders and the bells date between circa 1380 and 1894. The bells are tuned as the front five of a ring of six.

The bells are to be removed from the tower and will be brought back to Taylor’s for conservation, but no tuning of the bells will be allowed. Mainly new ringing fittings will be manufactured for the bells and the bell frame will be strengthened before the bells are rehung. A new rope guide will be manufactured and installed to make the bells easier to ring.


  • These bells have been cleaned by gentle sand blasting.
    The three tenor bells have been conserved.
    The canons of the trebles have been removed and the bells conserved - this will help the peal ring more evenly given that the three tenors had their canons removed many years ago..
    New fittings have been fitted and the bells tried out on the ringing up stand.
    The bells have been rehung and are now ringable.
    A new rope guide will be fitted after Christmas.