Offton, Suffolk

St Mary's Parish Church

United Kingdom

The 6th bell from this 8 cwt ring of eight dates from circa 1470, and so the church decided to retire it and have a replacement bell cast. The new bell will has a diameter of 2′ 5″ and weighs approximately 5 cwts. The mediaeval bell has been hung for chiming, and an electro-magnetic hammer supplied for it, together with an Apollo programmable unit. The existing fittings from the present 6th have been refurbished/replaced as necessary.


  • This bell was cast on 12th October.

  • A replacement 6th bell has been cast and tuned for this 8 cwt eight. Its modern Taylor fittings were returned to Loughborough, adapted, and fitted to the new bell. The original bell, which dated circa 1470 was supplied with an electro-magnetic hammer and hung for chiming. The hanging work was carried out locally.