Penzance, Cornwall.

The R C Church of The Immaculate Conception.

United Kingdom

This church is to have a new purpose built extension with dedicated bell turret as part of the new build. A second hand bell was donated for hanging on the extension, but this was of poor quality  and the parish decided to send it to Loughborough for recasting. New fittings for stationery chiming will be manufactured, together with an electro-magnetic tolling hammer and programmable Angelus Unit. This bell will be tuned to match harmonically with the existing 1937 Taylor bell that hangs in the church’s main fieche which, it is hoped, will also be supplied with an electro-magnetic hammer in time to come.


  • The mould is being prepared for casting.
    This bell was cast on 1st July.
    The bell has been fettled and tuned.
    The installation of this bell awaits the completion of the new extension building.