Ponteland, Northumberland

St Mary the Virgin

United Kingdom

This 7 cwt ring of six dates from 2000, when five new Taylor trebles were added to an existing Taylor tenor bell, and all were hung in a new bell frame on new ringing fittings by Fred Pembleton of Glapwell, Derbyshire. The church has now ordered two treble bells to complete the octave. These will be supplied to Pembleton’s who are the main contractor. New fittings and extension framework will be manufactured and installed by them.


  • Provisional casting date for these two bells is 15th March 2018.

  • Two treble bells have been cast and tuned to complete this Taylor octave with a 7 cwt tenor bell. Pembleton's are the main contractor, and they hung the original six in 2000. They will provide all the fittings and extension bell frame.