Revelstoke, Devon

St Peter's Parish Church

United Kingdom

This 16 cwt eight is the work of Warners, and dates from 1881. A major restoration has taken place. The bells and fittings were removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. The wheel centres were repaired and re-used, with all other new ringing fittings manufactured. The bells were cleaned and tuned, and then rehung in the Warner oak bell frame. An automatic chiming system is to be installed using an Apollo control unit and electro-magnetic chiming hammers to complete this projec.


  • The bells have been cleaned by sandblasting. The bell wheels have been restored. New iron headstocks have been cast and fitted to the bells. Tuning has been completed. Proposed installation at Revelstoke begins mid December.

  • All the bells have been hung and are being rung in full peal. The fitting of electro-magnetic hammers is underway and will complete the project.