Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales

St Peter's Parish Church

Wales, United Kingdom

An order has been placed for a major restoration of this 16 cwt eight. The back six were cast by Taylors in 1843, and the trebles by James Barwell in 1889. The 5th bell is cracked. The bells, frame and fittings will be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough, where the cracked bell will be repaired by high temperature bronze welding and all the bells tuned. All new bell fittings and a new cast iron and galvanised steel bell frame will be manufactured. Ruthin’s Luke Ashton “Fire Bell”, which dates from 1733, will also be conserved and restored and new fittings for swing chiming will be provided. Sound control, internal access ladders, and a new ringing chamber ceiling will also be manufactured and installed to complete the project..


  • The bells have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough. All the bells have been cleaned by gentle sand blasting. The cracked fifth bell has been repaired by specialist bronze welding. New seating pads have been cast on the heads of the bells, and the bells are being tuned. All the canon retaining headstocks have been cast and their gudgeons are being fitted. The massive cast iron "H" frames have been cast in the foundry. The building of the new cast iron and steel bell frame has been completed. The new bell wheels have been manufactured, and the bells and their fittings have been fitted into the frame. Sliders, runner boards and stays have been fitted.
    The electro-magnetic chiming hammers have been fitted and tested on the bells in their pits.
    Installation of the new bell frame in the tower has been completed.
    The bells have been dispatched and have been hung.
    Sound control will complete this project.