Saltley, Birmingham.

Our Lady of the Rosary & St Therese of Lisieux

United Kingdom

This church houses a Gillett & Johnston carillon of 23 bells, with a bass bell weighing 17 cwts 0 qrs 14 lbs in the key of F#. The carillon was cast and installed in 1932, and is a copy of the carillon at St Patrick’s, Dunbarton in Scotland. The connection between the two carillons  was the parish priest, Father John Power, who installed the Dunbarton instrument in 1928 and the Saltley instrument when he moved parishes. Both carillons were paid for by his family with money generated by their whiskey business based in Dublin.

A restoration of the carillon and clock chiming mechanism is now to be undertaken by Taylor’s.


  • The transmission mechanisms have been dismantled, restored at Loughborough and have been re-assembled in the tower. The clavier has similarly been restored, with parts either renovated or replaced as necessary.
    The clock hammers have been restored and await re-fixing.
    Restoration of the mechanisms nears completion.