Shaugh Prior, Devon.

St Edward's Parish Church

United Kingdom

The 15 cwt six at this church is largely the work of J III, C IV & W Pennington & Co, and dates from 1769. Taylor’s carried out a major refurbishment in 1937, including tuning and the provision of a new cast iron bell frame and all new fittings.

Major maintenance work will now be carried out to bring the ring back into first class condition. Repairs to the bell wheels and the provision of new bell seating pads will be carried out at Loughborough, and new stays for bells 3 & 5 will be manufactured. The west facing gate ends that form the pit ends of bells 2 & 5 will be removed for galvanising. The rest of the west elevation of the bell frame will be thoroughly descaled and repainted, and the rusted frame bolts will be replaced.