Shere, Surrey.

St James' Parish Church.

United Kingdom

This tower contains a 15 cwt ring of eight in the key of E. The bells are the work of four different founders and date between 1702 & 1976. The Richard Phelps 4th, which was cast in 1712, has cracked and the parish has placed an order for it to be recast. The bell will be lowered by the local ringers and will be delivered with its fittings to the Foundry. A new bell will be cast and its 1976 Whitechapel fittings will be adapted as necessary before the bell is rehung with local ringers providing assistance to our bell hanger.


  • Local ringers have lowered this cracked bell and delivered it to the Foundry.
    The mould for this bell is being made.
    This bell was recast on Thursday 21st April.
    The existing headstock has been restored and is ready to be fitted to the new bell.
    The new bell has been fettled and tuned.
    All is ready for dispatch.