Sivakavi Ampal, Jaffna Province, Sri Lanka

The Hindu Temple

Sri Lanka

An order has been placed for the casting of a new bell for the Hindu Temple at Sivakavi Ampal. The bell will be decorated and have an inscription in Tamil, and with a traditional gold  finish. The bell will have a diameter of 42″ and will weigh approximately 15 cwts. The bell will be supplied with full fittings for slow swing chiming including an arched cast iron headstock, counter-balanced clapper, and a bell frame of galvanised steel.


  • The mould for this bell is being prepared.
    The Tamil inscription is being prepared for the mould.
    All is ready for casting.
    This bell has been cast and is cooling slowly underground.
    The bell is being fettled.
    Headstock cast and bell frame made.
    The base coat has been applied before the bell is gilded.
    All is ready for export.