Snitterfield, Warwickshire.

The Parish Church of St James.

United Kingdom

The PCC of this church has placed an order for a major restoration of their mainly Taylor 16 cwt ring of six which dates from 1887. The only “old” bell in the ring is the 3rd, cast by Abraham Rudhall, and this will be replaced by a Taylor bell dating from the 1890’s that the church has acquired. The old 3rd will be hung for chiming as a service bell.

The bells will be removed from the tower and returned to Loughborough for the manufacture of new ringing fittings and the manufacture of a new rope guide, before being rehung in the existing Taylor oak and cast iron bell frame.


  • This ring of bells has been removed from the tower and is now at Loughborough. The old headstocks have been removed, and the bells measured for their new fittings.
    The bells have been cleaned by sandblasting and now look splendid.
    The headstocks have been cast and fettled.
    New seating pads have been cast on the bell heads and have been machined.
    The bells have been tuned and all is ready for dispatch.
    Rehanging work is underway.