Southern Australia, Adelaide, Walkerville.

St Andrew's Parish Church


The 12 cwt ring of six at this church is the work of Mears & Stainbank and dates from 1886. The bells, bell fittings and bell frame will be removed from the tower, and the bells will be sent back to Loughborough for the removal of their canons, conservation work and tuning. New ringing fittings will be manufactured for all the bells. A new bell frame will be built of cast iron frame sides on a galvanised steel base, giving a much improved rope drop and ringing circle. It will then be installed in the belfry. The restored bells and their new bell frame and fittings will be shipped to Adelaide and hung to complete the project.


  • This ring of bells has been removed from the tower and is on its way back to the UK by sea transport for restoration.
    The bells and their fittings have been delivered to the Foundry.
    Work is progressing on the manufacture of the new headstocks and bell frame.
    The base grillage has been completed and the cast iron side frames are being manufactured.
    The new bell frame is under construction and nears completion.
    The new bell wheels are being manufactured.
    The canons have been removed and new seating pads have been cast on to the heads of the bells.
    Three sets of stays have been manufactured and are being fitted to the headstocks.