St Andrew's Cathedral

The Republic of Singapore

This cathedral houses a Taylor chime of eight (Tenor 28 cwts) cast at Loughborough in 1888. The bells will be removed during November 2018 and be shipped to Loughborough. The largest six bells will be retained and reused after cleaning and re-tuning as the tenors of a new ring of twelve bells with new bells being cast to match. The bells will be hung with all new ringing fittings in a new galvanised steel bell frame designed to accommodate 14 bells.  It is intended that light treble and flat 6th will be cast to provide a lighter octave and ring of ten bells. The flat 6th has now been ordered.

A dumb bell has been ordered and will be incorporated into the bell frame.


  • The bell wheels are being manufactured. The design of the new bell frame has been completed and construction is underway - this is a massive frame and we've had to clear an area 8m squared for its construction. Seven of the new bells have been cast - the extra treble will follow at a later date once it has been ordered. The 1888 bells have been cleaned by gentle sandblasting and the tuning of all the bells has been completed. The new cast iron headstocks have been manufactured, and fitted to the bells. The construction of the new bell frame has been completed. Dumb bell completed.

    The bells, frame and fittings have all arrived in Singapore and installation is underway. The bell frame's installation nears completion, and it is hoped to start lifting the bells into it in the next day or so.

    Hanging has been completed and the bells were tried out on Sunday 4th August.