Vernet-les-Bains, Southern France

St George's Anglican Church


An order has been placed to cast a new ring of ten bells (tenor  5-0-15  cwts) for this church. This will be the first ring of change ringing bells in France. The bells will be supplied with all new ringing fittings and a new galvanised steel bell frame. This project is the brainchild of Jeff Ladd from Leeds and he will oversee the installation of the bells.


  • All ten bells have now been cast and moved to the works for fettling. The new bell fittings are being manufactured - headstocks, gudgeons and bearings have been completed. The bells have been moved into the tuning shop and tuning is now complete. The headstocks have been pre-fabricated and the clappers and crown staples have been manufactured. The headstocks have been fitted to the bells. The construction of the bell frame is complete and has been galvanised. The new ring will be installed for Easter 2019. All is ready for dispatch.
    The installation of the bell fame and the hanging of the bells has been completed and the bells have been rung.