Grappenhall, Cheshire

St Wilfrid's Parish Church

United Kingdom

An order has been placed by the PCC of this church for their ring of eight bells (tenor 11 cwts) to be removed from the tower, together with its bell frame and all fittings.  A new ring of ten bells, with a similar weight tenor bell, will be cast, tuned and hung in a newly constructed galvanised steel bell frame of low side design with all new fittings. Four of their existing bells (3, 4, 6 & 7) were cast by Henry II Bagley in 1700 and are listed for preservation. These bells will be conserved, and rehung for chiming above the new ring of ten on a newly constructed platform designed to also house the relocated church clock.

The belfry floor will be repaired and consolidated, and sound control will be installed.


  • The bells, their frame and fittings have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough. All of the new bells have been cast and fettled. The bells are all in the tuning shop and facing, fettling and tuning is completed. The new cast iron headstocks have been cast. The new galvanised steel bell frame has been completed and is away for galvanising. The four old bells from the former peal have been sandblasted clean and new seating pads have been cast on their crowns.
    The new bell frame has been installed and the new ring of ten has been rung.