Thornton, Leicestershire

St Peter's Parish Church

United Kingdom

This church houses a ringable three, with a tenor bell weighing 8 cwts. The bells were last rehung in a new cast iron and steel bellframe by Taylor’s in 1939, when two of the bells were recast. The parish has now placed an order to augment the ring to six, with a new treble in memory of John Jelley, and two ex-Keltek bells. All new fittings will be provided and the bellframe will be extended to accommodate the new bells. A new rope guide will be manufactured and installed to make the bells easier to handle.


  • The new treble bell's mould is complete and it has been cast. This bell is being presented by the Keltek Trust in memory of John Jelley.
    The extension bell frame is being manufactured, and new iron lowside frame castings have been founded and fettled prior to construction.
    The two Keltek bells and the newly cast treble have been tuned and fitted with their headstocks.