Truro, Cornwall.

The Cathedral Church of St Mary.

United Kingdom

This magnificent Taylor twelve which date from 1909 & 2011 hang in a two tier cast iron and steel bell frame. Recently a request for advice for help from local ringers for help to improve the timing of the twelve and acoustics resulted in telephone consultations. Taylor’s supplied various parts and much advice, with Hayley Young, Cathedral Vice Master writing, “Simon Adams and the team at Taylor’s were amazingly helpful. I’m delighted to report that after a  few afternoon getting up and personal with our glorious bells, we made adjustments to our clappers and some weights were added to a couple of bell wheels, and also attended to other general maintenance tasks at the same time. We had the first try out this weekend, with some noticeable improvements. We are hugely grateful for the knowledge and expertise support provided by Taylor’s. It’s such a promising start! Bring on the next phase – acoustics!!!”.