Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk

St Nicholas' Parish Church

United Kingdom

This 16 cwt Taylor eight dating from 1890 hangs in a composite cast iron and hardwood bell frame. The largest three bells have had new cast iron headstocks manufactured for them and fitted. New gudgeons, bearings and roller boxes have also been provided. The hour bell has had its bell bolts replaced, and a new set of bell ropes has also been manufactured and fitted.

Recently the 4th bell headstock was found to be unsafe and this has been replaced with a new cast iron headstock. Its other fittings have been restored/adapted as necessary and the bell rehung.


  • This 16 cwt ring of eight was cast and installed by Taylors in 1890. Work is needed to replace the 4th headstock with a new cast iron one, and to adapt and repair the present fittings of that bell.

  • The new headstock has been cast and is ready to have its gudgeons fitted.