Wylye, Wiltshire

St Mary the Virgin

United Kingdom

Major work was carried out on this 9 cwt ground floor ring of six in 1898 by Mears & Stainbank when two of the bells were recast. Major maintenance work is now to be taken in hand. This will include new clappers for the smallest four bells, the largest two being refurbished. The rope roller boxes will be fully restored, and the bells will be lifted from their pits and have their bearings cleaned. The tenor bell will have its iron crown staple roots drilled out in the tower. The wooden bell frame will be made more rigid by the tightening of tie rods and metal bracing brackets, and all metal components will be cleaned and painted. The wooden bell frame will be treated to prevent further decay by wetting and insect attack. A new set of bell ropes will be supplied and fitted to complete the restoration project.


  • The clappers and roller boxes from this ring have been removed for restoration/replacement.

  • Bells ringable. A small amount of work on the bell frame will complete this project.