Zennor, Cornwall

St Senara's Parish Church.

United Kingdom

The 12 cwt ring of six at this church is largely the work of Gillett & Johnston, with two old bells being incorporated and four new bells cast in 1926. At the same time all new fittings and a new cast iron and steel bell frame was manufactured and installed. The bells are now unringable due to severe corrosion in the base grillage of the frame.

The entire installation will be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. A new galvanised steel grillage will be manufactured and all metal components sand blasted clean before the frame is reconstructed. All the bell fittings will be completely refurbished before rehanging in the tower.


  • This ring of bells, its fittings and framework has been removed and are at Loughborough for restoration.

    The fittings have been restored and the rebuilt bell frame nears completion. The bells have been cleaned by gentle sandblasting.

    Work to install the bell frame/bells commenced on 23rd September.