Restoration Work Begins

The bookshelves of the archive room emptied to prepare for the restauration.

Emergency repair work to restore roofs and gutters starts next week. Funded jointly by Historic England and Taylor’s, £640k will be spent in this first phase of the restoration. The rare and extensive Foundry records have had to be relocated during the work so that they are protected. We are most grateful to a team led by George Dawson who have undertaken this huge task – our thanks go to Peter England, Peter Hawcock, Peter Hayward, John Adcock, Chris Birkby, Chris Pickford, Heather Pickford, and Martyn Marriott.

Bookshelves emptied ready for the onslaught.
Bookshelves emptied ready for the onslaught.
The archive room ready for restoration work to take place.
The onslaught has begun!
The ceiling of the room shows the exposed beams in need of repair.
And the roof’s been taken off this room too!
The Foundry's records stacked on temporary shelves in the old Drawing Office.
Records temporarily relocated to the recently rennovated old drawing office.
A roof worker is putting the final touches to the restored roof.
The roof of the old board room and archive has been stripped and re-roofed.
The finished and restored roof, with the forge chimney also rebuild.
Restoration on this roof is complete, and the forge chimney has been rebuilt.