Taylor’s Handbell Department

Our Handbell Department is always busy coping with a steady stream of work, both refurbishing old sets of bells and manufacturing new sets. The Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust has recently placed an order for a new set of bells to be used in the Museum and as part of the outreach project to local schools. Christmas carols will soon be sounding forth from various locations around Loughborough!

We pride ourselves on being able to cast and tune handbells to match the work of any founder, and are often called upon to replace cracked bells within existing sets, or extend the set with additional new bells. Our own bells are very musical, and we keep a set of 4 chromatic octaves (49 bells) for potential customers to try out on request. So whether you’re looking for a set of bells for tune ringing or change ringing, get in touch and we’ll provide you with a competitive estimate for your needs.

Purpose built handbell carrying cases are also manufactured at Loughborough – please ask for details.