The New Taylor Practice Clavier!

“This is a wonderful piece of kit” was Trevor Workman’s verdict after playing this new practice clavier that has been designed and manufactured in our workshops. Ordered as part of the major rebuilding of the Taylor Canberra Carillon, this practice clavier is touch sensitive and its action is silent. The bells at Canberra were digitally sampled, and their actual sound is reproduced. This gives the carillonneur a true impression of what they are playing and what it will actually sound like.

Designed by our Chief Engineer, Mike Semken, and built by our own craftsmen, this is a major step forward in its field. Trevor Workman is Britain’s premier carillonneur, and has given recitals worldwide, so it was good to have his ringing endorsement before the clavier is shipped to Canberra.

Photo: A justifiably proud Mike Semken with the practice clavier he designed!