Inspecting / Reporting / Quotations

We are pleased to offer a free inspection, reporting and quotation service within the British Isles. One of our engineers will arrange with you a convenient date and time for the inspection to take place. After discussing with you the potential scope of your project he will then carry out a full inspection of your tower and will then collect all necessary data for analysis.

A full and detailed report and specification will then be sent to you, together with options and quotations for the work to be carried out. This will also detail possible savings that could be made, for example by the use of local voluntary labour to help our bell hangers while they are on site.

We are also pleased to offer an initial estimating service for those at an early stage of a project who just wish to know the range of likely costs involved. Telephone the Foundry and ask to speak to one of our directors who will be pleased to tell you the approximate cost of your scheme.

We will also be pleased to offer help and advice to overseas customers. Inspections overseas are carried out with no charge being made if our engineers happen to be working in that area. We do, however, ask for a financial contribution towards our costs if a special journey has to be made.

Customer Testimonials

19th March 2013

On behalf of the Hunsdon PCC I write to thank you for coming to Hunsdon Church to inspect our bells. We are grateful for your report and estimates to refurbish the bells' fittings. Inevitably it will be some time before decisions about proceeding are made.

Meanwhile I will certainly recommend John Taylor & Co for courteous and efficient belfry inspections.

Yours sincerely,

John Rank

14th March 2013

Thank you for your very helpful detailed technical report on the existing three bells, and for the specification and estimate of the necessary work on them. Your comprehensive description of all that would be entailed in a possible augmentation will provide the Vicar and members of the church council with the information they need in deciding how best to proceed. I shall pass the documentation to them and look forward to their making a decision in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Stan Underwood, St Mary's Church, Carlton le Moorland