Belfry Sound Control

Good neighbourliness is vital in every community, and church bells that are too loud for a particular location can cause problems. Our company has great experience in dealing with such matters, and we will be pleased to advise parishes on suitable sound control measures to eliminate such problems.

The sound control is fitted to the inside face of the belfry louvres and is, therefore, invisible outside the tower. Systems can be made to be openable/closeable to allow the bells to be heard to their full effect when needed, and much quieter at other times. The effectiveness of each system is designed to meet individual requirements, from providing a slight reduction in sound, to making a massive difference in sensitive locations. Electrically operated systems can be fitted where required.

All materials used are of exterior quality for durability, and all fixings into the masonary of the tower are of stainless steel to ensure no damage occurs to the fabric. Please ask for an inspection and quotation - these are provided free of change on the UK mainland.